Zion National Park Narrows

Zion National Park Is a Great Park,Great Adventure On a Great Nature

Well, maybe you never think that there is a park has an underground subway. It is a normal thing if it is in the city, but like Zion National Park is strange enough to have a subway even no train pass by.Zion National ParkZion National Park is located in Southern part of Utah. From Utah city center, you can reach the park for about 5.5 hours. Is it far? Maybe yes, but you will forget how far it is when you reached the Zion National Park. In fact, during the trip, your eyes will be pampered with beautiful views such as Fishlake National Forest that consist raw of wonderful mountains alongside, and great natural views in front of you.

Once you reached the park, go to the stairs. Strolls along the stairs which is like a long tunnel and they call it “subway”. The tunnel is decorated by some of big granite stones and there is like a small river flows in the tunnel. Keep follow the tunnel.

Zion National Park Tunnel

Zion National ParkThe interesting part of the tunnel is not the entire tunnel roof is covered, some parts is wide open allows the sun fills the tunnel. On the open area, you can notice the water flow that has a unique color. The water wonderfully is colorful. The river colors are mainly green and have some more colors such as blue, red, brown, yellow and purple. It is incredible view.Zion National Park SandstoneAfter enjoying the tunnel with its beautiful river, then you can continue to other fantastic vista to see. However, be aware while trekking, some areas in the “subway” is wide enough and some are very narrow. Sometimes you must walk with holding a rope above you to reach another part of the tunnel. Or in another point, you will find a rope that be tied on a stem. Then you can climb the wall to see the magnificent panorama. Zion National Park is really for those whole nature and adventure.Zion National Park Angels LandingDo you need more? Don’t be in hurry as Zion National Park has many waterfalls. You can find a waterfall with only 1 meter tall until tens of meters. Feels its freshness and surely you will never feel how tired you are.Zion National Park NarrowsExplore more for another great experience. Zion National Park is a great park, great adventure on a great nature.Zion National Park Angels Landing

Zion National Park

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