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Rio de Janeiro Second Largest City In Brazil

Rio de Janeiro has many remarkable places for you to see. If you are planning a visit to this exotic city then make sure you visit all these places.

Christ the Redeemer:

When you think of Rio de Janeiro you are most likely to get an image of this spectacular statue in your mind. Apart from the sunny beaches and palm trees, Rio is famous for this amazing piece of architecture as well. It rises to the startling height of 120 feet tall and is considered to be the largest art Deco statue in the whole world. It was first opened to public in October 12, 1931 and since then millions of tourists have visited the place to see the remarkable sight.

Rio de Janeiro Rio de Janeiro Brazil beauitful lights at night

Copacabana Beach: This is not just one of the most famous beaches of Rio but it counts among the top beaches of the world. It is almost 3 miles long. This beach is the perfect place to go if you want party on a beautiful beach with friends and family. The New Year’s Festival held on the beach lasts for days and people from all around the globe gather on this beautiful beach to see the celebration.

Rio de Janeiro Ipanema BeachBrazil beaches tourists attractions

 Sugarloaf Mountain: This Mountain rises to the height of 1299 feet. The best way to reach the summit is riding an enclosed cable car. The name of the mountain comes from Portuguese who harvested sugar canes in the 16th century. This is another landmark that has become the symbol of Rio over the years. Not only is it a popular tourist attraction in the city but it has also been featured in many movies and shows.

Rio de Janeiro - Christ the redeemer statueChrist the redeemer statue Brazil

 Rio de Janeiro Botanical Park: This Botanical Park is a great place to see if you are in the city. It occupies a total area of 346 acres. The place contains around 6,500 different kinds of plants and some of them are even considered endangered species. This Botanical Garden not just contains plants but it is also a home to more than 140 different varieties of bird life and several hundred numerous types of animals. This place is a quite like a paradise for nature lovers and botanists.

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Rio de JaneiroRio de Janeiro beach

Rio de JaneiroRio de Janeiro Ariel view

Rio de Janeiro map full guideRio de Janeiro map

Rio Brazil (2)Rio de Janeiro beautiful city buildings

Rio de Janeiro - christ the redeemer statueRio de Janeiro christ the redeemer statue Arial view

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