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Metropolitan Museum of Art Is One Of The Biggest Tourist Attraction In New York

Everybody who loves art must have heard of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This amazing museum is located in New York City. Since it was opened in 1929 it has become one of the biggest tourist attractions in the city. This museum was created with the sole purpose of educating people about the evolution of art through the ages. This place showcases pieces of modern art from all over the world that are the perfect example of how much art has evolved with the time. This museum is a great place to visit if you wish to learn more about the modern art and find out the latest trends in art.Metropolitan Museum of Art

The Metropolitan Museum of Art contains a huge variety of modern art pieces. The museum houses over 150,000 sculptures,paintings,photographsandprints. It took the administration of museum many years to acquire all these rare pieces of art from different corners of the world. The museum also houses collections of many great artists of the world. One of these famous artists is Van Gogh.Metropolitan Museum of Art Interior Review

The museum is well known for showcasingthe Starry Night piece. There is a very valuable collection ofPicasso paintings in the museum as well. Among the other great artists whose work you can expect to find at this amazing place includeCezanne,Monet andMatisse. The works of famous American painters Cindy Sherman,Edward Hopper and numerous others are also featured in the Metropolitan Museum. The museum is not all about paintings and sculptures, there is a huge photography collection as well. The film and video collection is a must-see for everyone; it features many popular music videos and films. What’s more is the you can also expect to find rare pieces of modern art created by famous designers from around the world.Metropolitan Museum of Art Inside

If you are ever in New York you should definitely visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This wonderful place has everything you would ever need to know about the modern art. From paintings to beautifully crafted sculptures, from rare photographs to beautiful designs; there is nothing this museum doesn’t have. A visit to Metropolitan Museum of Art can be fun for the whole family.Metropolitan Museum of Art Entrance Hall

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Metropolitan Museum of Art Interior
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