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Karachi (11)

Karachi Largest & Most Populous City In Pakistan

Karachi which is situated in southern province of sindh, is a huge city and was capital before Islamabad. Firstly it was just a little fishing village but now it is turned to Pakistan’s most industrial and business center. Now it works as an international trader for transport and developing a center as well. For country it contains the biggest port in country. Now today city is known for busiest city in Pakistan. After facing so much economic and social challenges, it is expanded because of population and rapidly their economy gets advanced, transforms the city to well financial advanced city. Along they have headquarters for all big banks and now even they have their own stock exchange, the KSE stock exchange and with that they have expo center as well. Continue reading

Newgrange (6)

Newgrange Is An Ancient Monument In Ireland

Newgrange is the most famous prehistoric monument in Irish, and one of the finest European passage tombs. This monument was discovered accidentally by the removal of the material for road metal ling in 1966. Newgrange was originally built about 3100 BC and today is in a much restored form. It is consist of a vast stone and turf mound about 85 cm in diameters and 13.5 m high, containing a passage leading to a burial chamber. Today, Newgrange become one of the favorite historical tourist place should be visited as its beautiful area. Continue reading

Branson Missouri (8)

Branson A City In Stone and Taney Counties Missouri

Branson is a city which is situated in south west of Missouri, U.S. This zone contains rank 16th for overnight vacation sites. In their activities it includes shopping, visiting theme park, tour of the historical sites, participating in sports and attending shows. It contains an area about 17.5 square miles, contains 412 restaurants and 45 theaters. Continue reading

Lake Bled (3)

Lake Bled A Lake In The Julian Alps, Slovenia

Do you know how amazing Lake Bled is? It really great, i’m sure. Lake Bled has calm and quite and fresh lake water surrounded with green environment and a few simple houses. Mostly the water looks deep pure blue as well as a usually sea of white sand beaches. It came into existence when the Bohinj Glacier move away. By 2020 meter long, up to 1380 meter wide and it is of the tectonic basis, after the last ice age, the Bohinj Glacier profounded its natural tectonic incurved and gave it is present form. The natural beautiful scenic view of the lake is because of the island on the west side. The lake’s climate usually reaches up to 25 Celsius in the summer season and get iced covered in winter. The view like this is suitable for refers mind and body since the nature always gives fresh spirit. Continue reading

Mont Tremblant (8)

Mont Tremblant, Quebec, Canada

Mont Tremblant Overview

Mont Tremblant is a city in the laurentian mountains of Quebec, approximately 130 kilometer north-west of Montreal and 140 kilometer north-east of Ottawa. Mont Tremblant is fun place to spend day with doing sport and other activities. Since the 18th century, many people come to the mont and admire its natural overview. It absolutely has a very beautiful landscape every region of the place. In daily season, Mont Tremblant has many various flora and fauna that always ready welcome visitors. It also good scenery in winter which mostly visitor use to play winter sports. The weather even better when it start turn sunny winter. The massive mountains, including the highest summit in the Laurential, will definitely change people perspective about world’ natural beauty. Continue reading

Hoover Dam (3)

Hoover Dam A Concrete Arch-Gravity Dam, USA

Hoover Dam in one of the greatest dam of its day and an Arizona’s landmark, situated in Black Canyon between Arizona and Nevada on U.S 93. It take about one and a half hour to the reach the place from Las Vegas from the bottom of the Lake Mead. Filled with a history and colossal  view, the Hoover Dam make an inspiring stop your Arizona sightseeing trip. It has a very great high wall. Continue reading

Golden Temple (10)

Golden Temple A Sikh Gurdwara, Amritsar, Punjab, India

Choosing India as holiday leisure destiny is a great idea, since this country has famous world famous places with its uniqueness. If we talk about the houses color, the people  traditional wear, the events and festivals held mostly fulled with many colors. India is one of an impressive tourist destination around the world which we should visit. Continue reading

Plymouth Rock (8)

Plymouth Rock, An Important Symbol In American History

Plymouth Rock History

Spending a holiday in playground national park has been usual thing. Any other idea like visiting Pilgrim Memorial State Park may become another useful idea because they have what called Plymouth Rock. Every year they get million visitor come from all over the world just to see this rock, since it become a world famous symbol of the courage and faith of the man and women who founded in the first New England in colony. Continue reading