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Vatican Rome City (7)

Vatican City A Walled Enclave In Rome

The Vatican City in Rome holds great significance as a religious place for Christians and for art lovers around the world. It is an independent state in Rome where the pope resides and holds authority over the metropolis. It is is located in north-west of Rome on banks of river Tiber and occupies a total area of 109 acres. Continue reading

Dubrovnik city (4)

Dubrovnik City – Croatian City, Dalmatia

Dubrovnik is a beautiful city which one of the UNESCO World Heritage Site. It constitute as complex of city wall and become most prominent tourist destination in the Mediterranean. With a population about 42.615 inhabitants, this area has their own prosperity historically based on maritime trade. What makes Dubrovnik  is preferred as attractive tourist place is because of its spectacular metropolis arrangement. If it seen from above, the whole surface of the metropolis structured well with adds the outstanding walls that limits the entire the outskirt. Continue reading