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London Eye (8)

London Eye A Ferris Wheel In London – UK

London Eye Travel Guide

Have you ever felt to see the famous giant  London’s eye Ferris wheel? London Eye is very modern and spectacular architecture in the world. Swing in the air with served the beautiful town of United Kingdom. This giant wheel is precisely located at Jubilee Garden in the South Bank. It has approximately 123 meter tall structure and was built as part of London’s millennium celebrations. Visiting the place is not really complete before you see it and try the incredible Ferris Eye. Everyone should feel it their self and even become one of the best trip plan. It designed by the team of David Marks and Julia Barfield. They started to built it as part of the competition to design a land mark for the millennium. Continue reading

British Museum

British Museum, Human History And Culture Museum

Traveling around England will not be complete if you forgot to visit British museum. It is open every day at 10.00-17.30. So many attractive antiques you will find there. All of them contain high artistic value which starts with the real antique items to the modern artistic arts. The exterior of the building is so great with ancient Romam style, shown by some huge pillars. Continue reading

Salisbury cathedral Tourists Attractions | History | Photos

Salisbury cathedral History

Salisbury cathedral is a building that has medieval English style which can be visited as your trip in England. It is the tallest church spire in the United Kingdom, that having been built in just 38 years (1220-1258) is an single architectural style, early Gothic English. The building itself it quite remarkable in which used as testimony to the faith and the practical skill of those who erected it. Actually this church is more than a historical monument, but it main a place of prayers. Even the church served as a resting place for pilgrimage for hundreds of thousands of visitor every years.

Salisbury cathedral history
Salisbury cathedral

Attractions in Salisbury cathedral

What the interesting side of Salisbury Cathedral is shown by its interior. The interior of this outstanding church is as unified as the exterior. The construction design is quite perfect as a church and also contain a certain coolness. The whole interior has certain motifs in common, particularly the slender, detached polished Brubeck shafts applied wherever possible. in order to look more attractive, it use a lancet windows, then endow the interior with a vertical vigor needed to counteract the relative lowness of the vault of the strong stresses of horizontals, especially in the gallery.

Salisbury cathedral inside view
Salisbury cathedral

When you have already visit the outstanding Salisbury Cathedral, make sure you are not miss the tower tour. Here visitor will enjoy the spectacular view after exploring the roof spaces and tower. It will takes approximately climbing 332 steps in easy stages by narrow winding spiral staircases to reach the foot of the spire 225 feet above ground level. After you reach the spire, then you will see the medieval scaffold. While the incredible view of the city countryside surely make you amazed. To get this change, visitor need to pay $10.00 for adults, $8.00 for children or seniors and $27.00 for family that contain 2 adults and 3 children.

Salisbury cathedral Pictures

Salisbury cathedral front view
Salisbury cathedral

Even if you come at the right time, then just enjoy the Salisbury Cathedral’s special events held which mostly on December. Some of interest events on December are The Cosmic Christ painting, Christmas celebration, Twilight Tower Tour, Christmas cheer which held in the Salisbury Cathedral  Refectory restaurant, Lull-by Trust Carol Service, and still many others. While for January events, you can enjoy Eucharist on the Feast of the Epiphany or BBC Radio 3 Choral Evensong.

Salisbury cathedral inside view
Salisbury cathedral
Caicos Island (1)

Turks and Caicos Island – Miami, Florida

Turks and Caicos Island is situates in the south east of Miami, Florida approximately 500 miles. These islands contain 40 islands and isles, in which eight of them are populous. These Turks and Caicos are situated in the Atlantic Ocean; it is eat to the Cuba and below the Bahamas chain. The people of this island are mostly the off spring of Africans who was brought into work. Continue reading

Buckingham Palace (8)

Buckingham Palace, Official London Residence

Have you ever visit a really exclusive and high level place? Buckingham Palace is the Queen’s official London residence and is used to receive and entertain guest on state. The place is quite luxury and rich. You must be easy to imagine how great this place, moreover when you  have a special change to visit and explore what impressive things saved inside. Continue reading

Aruba Vacations (6)

Aruba Is An Island In Caribbean Sea

Aruba is about 33 kilometer Long Island of Lesser Antilles in the southern Caribbean Sea which is situated around 17 miles north of coast of Venezuela. ABC islands is a combination of Curacao, Bonaire and Venezuela. Aruba and many other Dutch islands are popularly known as Netherland Antilles. Also it is one of the constituent countries which forms the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The inhabitants share the same nationality which is “Dutch” also for Saint Maarten and Curacao. The Island has no administrative office of its own. The capital of island is Oranjestad. Continue reading

Santa Barbara (7)

Santa Barbara A City In The US State Of California

Santa Barbara is a city located in US state of California. It is located at the south-facing section of coastline. The city is lying between the Pacific Ocean and Santa Ynez Mountains. When we consider the weather of Santa Barbara, it is described as the Mediterranean. The city is often called as the ‘American Riveria’. The city is having a population of 88,410 and hence it’s a second largest city in the country. Continue reading

Key Island Florida (2)

Key West An Island In The Straits Of Florida

One of the best vacation spot that every family should consider is Key West in Florida. It is situated at the tip of the America. Many people call it as the beginning of the great adventure in Caribbean. It has become a permanent tourist hotspot even though the main reason for the magnetic attraction has not yet been changed. Continue reading

Tower Bridge (3)

Tower Bridge – London, United Kingdom

Tower Bridge History

Tower Bridge London is a very known and famous place in the world. Its significance is very immense in the history of London, UK. People come to all over the world to see this fascinating place. Tower Bridge located on the river Thames of London, the overpass was constructed back in 1894 since than it is enlisted as the best well known bridges in London.  It is also often recognized as the London Bridge which is very famous; it has been featured in many Hollywood movies.

Continue reading

Fiji islands (9)

Fiji An Island Country In Melanesia

Fiji is the heart of south pacific which blessed with 333 tropical island that are the home of happiness. Fiji is famous for its white sand beaches that able to attract many people to visit. It become a perfect summer holiday for family and groups. Here we will talk about some best beaches of Fiji that is most favored. The first shore is Cove beach which located on Turtle island and contain of 14 spectacular beaches that features white sand and sparkling water. I suggest you to have picnic here because of the fresh air and beautiful scenery will complete you day.  Continue reading