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Potala Palace (3)

Potala Palace, Lhasa – China

Sightseeing in China is regarding distinctions and secrecy. It may include romance, excitement, civilizations, explorations and tranquility. Every phase possesses its own charisma and enchantments for which to pursue thousands of visitors prefer China for vacation sightseeing. Potala Palace is one of the outstanding attractions upright at the mounts in Tibet. Its history dates earlier to the time while King Songtsan designed the structure of the 999 space fortress to rejoice his marriage with Princess Wenchang. This Palace is the emblem of Lhasa. In the history, Potala Palace was ruined two times. Dalai Lama V was reconstructed in 1645 and prolonged. Continue reading

egyptian museum

The Egyptian Museum Cairo Virtual Tour

Egypt has a strong culture which dates back to several thousand years. The civilization that sprang up on the banks of River Nile expanded to be one of the strongest nation of the world. There are many museums all over the world that display items from the era long gone by when the Egyptian Pharaohs ruled a great part of the continent. People are still fascinated by the mystery and enchantment that surround the Egyptian pyramids and other historic buildings. The best way to learn about the history of the place is by touring the museum. One of the best museum is located in Cairo. Continue reading

Winterthur (11)

Winterthur A City In The Canton Of Zürich

Traveling in Switzerland is an amazing time which you can see a fresh natural environment. Every glance there is only comfortable shade overview. The houses are well structured and the forest is quite beautiful decored by many colorful flowers just like a step way to the fairy world. The city itself has more than 100.000 inhabitants and precisely located at the Greater Zurich Area. One simple reason that Winterthur is recommended as one best city to explore is that become the sixth largest city in Switzerland. If you look it thoroughly, having a day here is suitable for photographing. A romantic atmosphere of the city environment able to bring visitor flash back to his sweet memory. Moreover when you see its lake with fresh water, an old brick bridge, and some traditional houses in certain area. Furthermore all is completely good for the natural scenery. Continue reading

Prague Europe (10)

Prague Europe Capital City Of Czech Republic

Eastern Europe contains many beautiful destinations and one of such places is Prague, Czech. If you are planning a trip to Eastern Europe then make sure you pay a visit to this remarkable place. There are many places to see in Prague and this article lists some of the places you must visit while you are there. Continue reading

Madeira (8)

Madeira A Portuguese Archipelago

It is situated in the southwest of Lisbon in Atlantic Ocean contains a perfect climate. It has an interesting view with lovely scarps which rise dangerously from sea. This island is from 1420. When it was sighted people thought that its mountains give the signals of the gate of Hell.This Island has very different six climate zones with combination of beautiful plants and flowers, if we compare this island with Hawaii. Continue reading

Marrakesh tourists

Marrakesh Morocco See A Real African City

What next should be visited if we are traveling around Africa continent? There is called Marrakesh or Marrakech, that be good option for you to spend your holiday. Marrakesh is a major city in the northwest African nation of Morocco. It easy to find there since it constitute the fourth largest city in the country after Casablanca, Fes and Rabat. By road, Marrakesh is located 580 km northeast tangier, 327 km southwest of the Moroccan capital of Rabat, 239 km southwest of Casablanca, and 246 km northeast of Agadir.Marrakesh mainMarrakesh is a place where it be you duty to bring a camera because there provide every joy of holiday. There are plenty of most visited places start with museum or galleries, markets, industrial sites, castle or palaces, gardens or arboretums, architectural sites, memorial or monuments, until some other top attractions. At museum and galleries, visitor will be served by number of ancient Moroccan crafts. While a place that get more visitors is the gardens include Agdal garden, Majorelle garden, Menara garden and many others. Gardens there always has beautiful view and comfortable place in which full of plants decorations and even swimming pools.marrakesh newAfter seeing the gardens, you may curious with its outstanding castles or palaces. Marrakesh castle has a main characteristic with its ruins and certain style decorations. These palaces are mostly incredible only to see, you should take a picture of them. The visitor can walking around those attraction by foot or using another transportation are also possible. you can try by air, train, bus, and taxi. If you are coming in formal case, then please choose a guide tour to give more explanations and good information.marrakech womenNightlife of Marrakesh also become one of top attraction for visitor in which they will feel great with the city condition. In the night, Marrakesh has bars, casinos, dance club, film and music. In the other hand at noon, is a time for shopping in which Marrakesh become a shopper’s bonanza. There are plenty products that may you find in magazines. Every rugs, handycrafts and absolutely clothes are available there start with branded to local style. so it better for you to prepare much money first before regret.

Talking about restaurant, Marrakesh also provides plenty of delicious meal and snacks. It located exactly in Morocco, which serves equal part Moroccan and International cuisine. After satisfied with the meal or attractive dining time in Morocco, its time to select best place to stay. The hotels are also divided into some reasonable categories as follows price by budget, mid-range, upscale until the expensive one. Meanwhile, three hotels here are constitute best visited such as La Mamounia, Palais Namaskar and the last is Riad Nesma hotel.marrakech beachmarrakech people

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Marrakesh market

Marrakesh night

Marrakesh tourists


Karachi (11)

Karachi Largest & Most Populous City In Pakistan

Karachi which is situated in southern province of sindh, is a huge city and was capital before Islamabad. Firstly it was just a little fishing village but now it is turned to Pakistan’s most industrial and business center. Now it works as an international trader for transport and developing a center as well. For country it contains the biggest port in country. Now today city is known for busiest city in Pakistan. After facing so much economic and social challenges, it is expanded because of population and rapidly their economy gets advanced, transforms the city to well financial advanced city. Along they have headquarters for all big banks and now even they have their own stock exchange, the KSE stock exchange and with that they have expo center as well. Continue reading