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Crater Lake National Park breat taking view

Crater Lake National Park A Natural Beauty In USA

The beautiful scenery of Crater Lake National Park makes it jewels crown of United State. As perfect as a king crown, Crater Lake consist of combination of deep blue lake and sheer surrounding cliffs. The cliffs with almost 2000 feet high like protect the pure of the lake. This perfect scene makes it as most pictured Island. Surely from all around the world would tourists come to watch the beauty of Crater Lake National Park and also enjoy all peaceful activities. Tourists can do photograph, fishing, hiking, camping, and of course tasting the delicious cuisines served by the organization. Continue reading

Iguazu Falls (2)

Iguazu Falls A Beautiful WaterFall In Brazil

Iguazu Falls Travel Guide

Iguazu Falls is situated on the border of Argentina and Brazil. This fall is developed because of volcanic eruption. By Indians it was given by name as great falls. In world it is popular for tourist destination because there are many lovely places to see by travelers. The area which this waterfalls covers, about more than one and a half mile of Iguazu River. As I told before that it lies in between of two countries although it separates two parks,Brazil,Iguazu national park and in Argentina as well by same name. Continue reading

Phnom Penh (1)

Phnom Penh The Capital And Largest City Of Cambodia

Phnom Penh is a capital city of Cambodia. Most of you haven’t heard this name. There are so many countries, even we don’t know their names as well but they are serving their work towards their nation. This country is a center of diplomacy, security, economics, politics and heritage. This city is situated in the south central region. One of very important thing is that, in their flag you can view a picture of building. It is the only national flag has. Continue reading

Red Square Kremlin

Kremlin a Historical Complex in Moscow, Russia

The Moscow Kremlin, or also simply known as Kremlin is a historical complex in the heart of Moscow. It has its best sights on five palaces, four cathedrals, and the enclosing Kremlin Wall and Kremlin Tower. This area is suitable for historical lovers to have traveling around. The complex of Kremlin serves as the official residences of the President of the Russian Federation. The buildings are very impressive with good sight especially on  Wall and Tower. Continue reading

Christ the Redeemer Statue (3)

Statue of Christ the Redeemer, Brazil

Christ the Redeemer is located on Corcovado hill. It is one of the famous sight in Rio de Janeiro.It is the city symbol and for artists it is a true inspiration. Now it makes up in Seven Wonders of the World too. For Brazilian Christianity it is a symbol for them. This statue stands on the city Corcovado near Rio de Janeiro which is in Brazil. People think that what this statue contains, what is great in this statue that it enters in seven wonders. So the great thing about is that message which comes from this statue. The Christ is standing with open arms which show about love and embrace to people who come to him. If we look this statue from far it looks like a cross. Continue reading

Banaue Rice Terraces (9)

Banaue Rice Terraces – Philippines

Wanna see really natural green overview? Banaue Rice Terraces have amazing rice terrace that able to shade your eye. Go far away from the city crowd, it become one of recommended place to visit at Philippines. It ages about 2000 year old terrace that were carved in the mountains. And because of it, many people willingly to come since it has described as the eight wonder of the world. Carved out of hillside by Ifugao tribes without the aid of machinery to provide level steps where the native plant rice. Even surprising that they still do not use it until today. Continue reading

Rio Brazil (5)

Rio de Janeiro Second Largest City In Brazil

Rio de Janeiro has many remarkable places for you to see. If you are planning a visit to this exotic city then make sure you visit all these places.

Christ the Redeemer:

When you think of Rio de Janeiro you are most likely to get an image of this spectacular statue in your mind. Apart from the sunny beaches and palm trees, Rio is famous for this amazing piece of architecture as well. It rises to the startling height of 120 feet tall and is considered to be the largest art Deco statue in the whole world. It was first opened to public in October 12, 1931 and since then millions of tourists have visited the place to see the remarkable sight.

Continue reading

Rocky Mounts (9)

Rocky Mountains – Western North America, USA

The well known and very famous “Rocky Mountains”, or more commonly they are also known as the Rockies, are a very major mountain range that dots the western part of the North America.  These mounts stretch about more than 3000 miles (in other units this measurement becomes 4830 kilo meters) and span from the extreme northern part of British Columbia, Canada to the New Mexico that is a city of United States of America. These piles are more discrete from the Pacific Coast Ranges and other west lying ranges like Cascade and Sierra Nevada range in the North American Cordillera region. Continue reading

Vatican Rome City (7)

Vatican City A Walled Enclave In Rome

The Vatican City in Rome holds great significance as a religious place for Christians and for art lovers around the world. It is an independent state in Rome where the pope resides and holds authority over the metropolis. It is is located in north-west of Rome on banks of river Tiber and occupies a total area of 109 acres. Continue reading

Ningaloo Fringing Reef (8)

Ningaloo Reef A Fringing Coral Reef – Australia

If you love under water land, is an amazing natural beauty so you should see Ningaloo reef. It is one of the Australian reefs which protect Ningaloo Marine Park. In the world it is one of the biggest edging reefs. Beside it is one of the orange beaches in world which makes western continent out of two reefs. From Bundegi beach to Amherst point, the Ningaloo marine park is ling. For World heritage listing, it easily qualifies. It is very different from others. Let’s just talk about some of its facts that you should know. Continue reading