Fiji An Island Country In Melanesia

Fiji An Island Country In Melanesia

Fiji is the heart of south pacific which blessed with 333 tropical island that are the home of happiness. Fiji is famous for its white sand beaches that able to attract many people to visit. It become a perfect summer holiday for family and groups. Here we will talk about some best beaches of Fiji […] Read more

Aruba Is An Island In Caribbean Sea

Aruba Is An Island In Caribbean Sea

Aruba is about 33 kilometer Long Island of Lesser Antilles in the southern Caribbean Sea which is situated around 17 miles north of coast of Venezuela. ABC islands is a combination of Curacao, Bonaire and Venezuela. Aruba and many other Dutch islands are popularly known as Netherland Antilles. Also it is one of the constituent […] Read more


Marrakesh Morocco See A Real African City

What next should be visited if we are traveling around Africa continent? There is called Marrakesh or Marrakech, that be good option for you to spend your holiday. Marrakesh is a major city in the northwest African nation of Morocco. It easy to find there since it const... Read more

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The Egyptian Museum Cairo Virtual Tour

Egypt has a strong culture which dates back to several thousand years. The civilization that sprang up on the banks of River Nile expanded to be one of the strongest nation of the world. There are many museums all over the world that displa... Read more

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